REM+tec - Gesellschaft für Projektenwicklung und Denkmalschutz mbH


In 1979 the Berlin architect Reinhard Müller founded the architecture firm Reinhard Müller GmbH (planning and design), and in 1985 he set up the construction-management company REM Gesellschaft für Stadtbildpflege und Denkmalschutz mbH. Over this period in excess of 10,000 dwellings were planned and redeveloped – and the majority of these were located in listed buildings. After 1989 the focus shifted to office and commercial buildings, and numerous construction projects for municipal buildings and major shopping centres were also completed. The overall investment volume managed during this period runs to over €2.5 billion.

Both companies were sold to the Bonn-based IVG AG in 1999/2002, which continued to run them until 2004. In 2005 the staff of the architecture and construction-management divisions were merged into a new firm under the name of REM+tec Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung und Denkmalschutz mbH.

Our company provides a comprehensive range of structural-engineering services, starting from advising the developer in the search for the suitable site through project development, planning the construction or redevelopment project and project management up to supervision of construction projects and relocation management.

The high quality of the team is a result of the extensive experience of our long-serving employees. Since 1999 we have secured contracts for a number of planning and development tasks for the Schönefeld and Tempelhof airports. We have also drawn up planning and cost studies for the development of the surrounding area. REM+tec developed the “Y–KONZEPT” for Schönefeld airport in conjunction with HOK London.

REM+tec currently employs 50 staff.